Moultrie Mobile, the manufacturer of cellular trail cameras and all-in-one remote monitoring systems released its cellular trail camera, the Edge, with built-in memory, flexible power options and Auto Connect Technology.

With the Edge, consumers don’t have to select a carrier-specific camera to match the cellular coverage options for each camera location. Using Auto Connect Technology, the Edge scans and automatically connects to the strongest network from major U.S. cell carriers with one SIM card. The custom antenna improves connectivity and folds for storage.

The internal memory system removes complications associated with SD cards, including incorrect size or configuration, formatting errors and lockups. The user interface offers an on/off switch and one button press to capture a test image.

“We set out to design the most user-friendly cellular camera ever built,” said Daniel Wilson, general manager, Moultrie Mobile. “We accomplished this by integrating user feedback and new technology to rethink the entire user experience. The result is a camera packed with innovative features that make it the easiest cellular camera to set up and use.”

The Edge operates in 8 or 16 AA configurations (alkaline or lithium) for extended battery life or is compatible with Moultrie 12v external power accessories. The equipment will be compatible with Moultrie’s soon-to-be-released solar panel and rechargeable battery pack that inserts into the camera, replacing the AA battery tray.

The Edge features an expanded 40-degree field of view and enhanced trigger for accuracy of 80 feet. With 33MP images and 720p HD video with full audio, the resolution captures details, while an upgraded LED array provides improved night imaging capabilities. Images and video are transmitted to Moultrie’s mobile app offering notifications with real-time alerts, species recognition, game activity charting, unlimited cloud storage, weather information, maps, and other advanced features for no upcharge.

“The Edge wasn’t just about creating a user-friendly experience,” Wilson added. “We reset the standard for trail camera image quality with enhanced performance that users can always rely on for high-quality images and videos.”

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Photo courtesy Moultrie Mobile