MoonBikes, the electric snowbike manufacturer, launched its connected MoonBike app for the Winter 2023/24 season. 

The app allows users to track aspects of their ride, including trail maps, altitude, distance, speed, duration, battery level, and more. Users can also see other riders in their area and follow friends to view their personal best rides, join them on trails and create MoonBiker social clubs. 

“MoonBikes is super focused on creating outdoor products that immerse people into their surroundings. MoonBikes are nearly silent, emission-free, and leave virtually no trace in the snow. Thanks to its innovative features, our connected app brings MoonBikers together to build a community with others who are passionate about the outdoors. The app also gives riders even greater control of their MoonBikes, thanks to the detailed dashboard which gives real-time data on the MoonBikes’ performance,” said Nicolas Muron, founder.

Users can also gain insight into the athleticism of their rides. The app will award top riders with bronze, silver and gold medals for performance displayed on a user’s profile page. Users can also unlock different badges and re-do tracks to inspire faster times, speeds and greater heights. 

MoonBikes, launched in 2021, are sold in the U.S., Canada and over 20 countries worldwide.

Photo courtesy MoonBikes