Merrell took its hiking shoes to the next level with its Thermo Rogue 4 winter hiking boot, insulated with Solarcore technology, earning it an ISPO Gold Award in 2022.

“This is the kind of shoe modern hikers and outdoor enthusiasts are looking for in winter — athletic and durable winter hiking boots. The MTL Thermo Rogue 4 also provides the best possible sure-footedness, warm and dry feet, and compact, lightweight construction. Despite the lightweight construction, robustly designed. That is contemporary and ensures a longer life,” wrote ISPO.

ISPO noted the reasons the shoe won as 2022’s best light boot for winter hiking as:

  • Solarcore technology
  • Vibram XS Trek EVO, Arctic Grip and Traction Lug
  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof and windproof
  • Quick dry

Solarcore is recognized for its ability to maintain conductive thermal properties under compression. Solarcore is a composite foam for use in lightweight, cold-weather, performance footwear. 

Developed using NASA-inspired insulation materials, the same technology used to insulate spacecraft in the -450F environment of space, Solarcore foam composites are just 2mm thick, offering a thermal rating of 30 mW/m-K. And under extended periods of compression, the material’s thermal properties do not break down.

Just two millimeters of Solarcore is incorporated into the Rogue’s toe box.

“We’re thrilled that Merrell was able to make the most out of Solarcore and recognize its capacity to revolutionize product insulation,” said Michael Markesbery, principal behind Solarcore technology. “Clearly, the jury at ISPO agreed.

Photo courtesy Merrell/Solarcore