Matador Travel Equipment introduces its Pocket Blanket and Pocket Blanket Mini updated versions of its flagship products.

Pocket Blankets are lightweight, waterproof blankets that pack down to the size of a wallet. The revamped versions offer enhanced waterproofing, upgraded materials and a new aesthetic.

“The Pocket Blanket is the product that launched our brand,” said Chris Clearman, Founder and CEO, Matador. “It went viral as soon as it was released, and it has seen continuous success ever since. Matador has evolved significantly since the original launch, but the allure of the Pocket Blanket is still strong to this day. We’re thrilled to continue to offer it – now better than ever.”

The Pocket Blanket and Pocket Blanket Mini come in ripstop fabric with an enhanced waterproof coating. The miniature version offers seating for up to two adults, while the full-size version provides seating for up to four, with upgraded features including ultralight tethered stakes and weighted corners with sand pockets. Both versions include an integrated storage pouch and patented Easy-Pack stitching to denote crease locations for folding.

The Pocket Blanket was released in 2014 and the inspiration for the brand’s name. “When you open the original red version in a park, you look like a matador waving a cape at a bull,” continued Clearman. “These days, people are spending more time than ever in parks, beaches and open spaces, and the Pocket Blanket’s utility is as prominent as ever. With the Pocket Blanket, you always have a clean, dry place to sit, wherever you roam.”

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Photo courtesy Matador