Mantra Labs created a new broad-spectrum hydration drink mix called Hydrate, which includes electrolytes, marine minerals, PureWay-C, Aquamin, prebiotic fiber, and other plant-based and vegan ingredients to support overall physical and mental health.

“We took a radically different approach to hydration designed to work with the body and make you feel better. Hydrate reflects everything we stand for as a next-generation nutrition company: developing industry-leading products that support mental and physical health, pushing beyond the status quo and helping people on their health journey through simple yet powerful habits,” said CEO and co-founder, Paul Janowitz. “With zero sugar, 1,200mg of electrolytes, prebiotic fiber, Vitamins C, B12, and more than 72 trace marine minerals, we’re confident that you’ll feel the difference because there’s nothing like Hydrate on the market.”

Hydrate is Made in the USA and sold in single-serve packets and tubs in organically, no-sugar sweetened Lemonade and Fruit Punch flavors.

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Photo courtesy Mantra Labs