Cycling and outdoor accessory brand Knog expanded its Blinder Light collection to launch in Spring 2023.

The latest Blinder Integrated front light range from Knog combines aluminum CNC construction, a compact design, optimized beam angles, powerful light output, multiple mounting options, and a competitive price per lumen for commuters and road cyclists. 

Available in 600 lumens, 900 lumens and 1300 lumens, the Blinder lights feature:

  • dual-function side body vents and chassis cooling fins, dual mounting options, side visibility, and self-regulated battery temperature to prevent the unit head from overheating;
  • combine two wide beam optics with two narrow beam optics to cover distance and span. Riders can select one of six—steady high, steady medium, steady low, pulse flash, strobe flash, and eco flash;
  • have a button that lights up red when the battery dips below 10 percent remaining charge. The button also features a LED ring that glows green while the light is charging and turns off automatically when the light has achieved a full charge; and
  • feature an advanced Lipo USB-C rechargeable battery with an average run time of 2.5 hours on its highest setting and 125 hours on the Eco-Flash mode; and
  • are 100 percent waterproof and dustproof.

Designed to be mounted in different locations above and below a bike’s handlebars, the Blinder Light collection offers multiple mounting options. In addition to the flexible mount the lights are supplied with, they also have mounts to work with Go-Pros and other handlebar-mounted accessories. The Blinder 600, 900 and 1300 are also 100 percent waterproof and dustproof. 

For more product information, go here.