Knog is proud to announce Eartheasy distribution as their new outdoor distributors for the North American & Canadian markets.  With over 10 years’ experience in distributing some of the world’s best outdoor brands, Eartheasy was viewed as the perfect partners to help establish Knog within the fiercely competitive outdoor sector.

Melbourne based Knog has 17 years’ experience of creating ‘unboring products’ most notably with their highly successful bicycle accessories business, where they established themselves as world leaders in designing desirable & innovative products. It is through the transfer of their expertise in electronics, lighting and unconventional material choices, (notable their expertise in Silicone) that Knog plan to launch their brand’s unique take on outdoor products.

With Knog’s brand positioning of “Our obsession, is your freedom”, Knog are proud to publicly acknowledge their obsessional approach to product development. However, unlike the majority of outdoor brands, Knog is also honest enough to acknowledge that most users are unlikely to be climbing Everest with their outdoor products. Instead for many users getting to the campsite toilets in the dark is about as extreme as it will get. Knog intend to make products to suit all users and alongside their partners Eartheasy have their sights set on disrupting the rigid world of the outdoors with a slew of innovative, honest and covetable products. Given Knog’s heritage of successful disruption in the bike sector, the outdoor industry would be well placed to be bracing itself for Knog arrival.

“It was an easy decision for us, especially once we saw how aligned Eartheasy’s vision was to that of Knog’s,” says Knog’s CEO, Hugo Davidson. “Eartheasy share the same passion for innovation as we do at Knog, now we hope to bring some fresh thinking to the world of the outdoors. We can’t wait to get started”.

By appointing Eartheasy as their exclusive distributors, Knog joins the Eartheasy roster of international powerhouse brands including Scrubba, Ecozoom, Campsuds, and Industrial Revolution.

About Knog: Knog is a Melbourne design brand creating urban-flavoured tech for the road, trail and outdoors. Their products are not only for the city, or only for bikes, despite their cycling heritage. An Australian product design business founded in 2002, their products are designed in Melbourne, but used all over the world. They are the lovechild of co-founders Hugo Davidson (designer) and Mal McKechnie (engineer) who started working together long before Knog, and shared the same vision: to make unboring things. For more information, please visit

About EarthEasy Distribution: Eartheasy Distribution works with the most exciting brands in the outdoor recreation industry and emergency preparedness markets. Whether it’s a product that simply makes your outdoor adventures more enjoyable, or a product that is essential for survival during an emergency, their established, multi-channel distribution networks bring products and brands to the forefront of the market and minds of consumers. For more information, please visit

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Blair Bissett