Westport, CT (September 7, 2023) – Kane Footwear, a leader in active recovery footwear, is excited to announce the expansion of their officially-licensed college collection with 11 new schools. In celebration of the expansion, they’re partnering with five top NCAA athletes to promote the new shoe drop, including Ohio State wide receiver Marvin Harrison Jr., Clemson linebacker Barrett Carter and Alabama linebacker Dallas Turner.  

Student athletes have always been a focus for Kane – between training, classes and game day, these students recognize the importance of recovering quickly and staying physically and mentally sharp. 

“Recovery is essential for me,” Clemson linebacker Barrett Carter said. “I think I’m nowhere in life or in football without recovery. The Kane Revive shoe is so versatile I can have a hard workout and put them on and they’ll have me feeling good again. It’s my go-to shoe – you can rock it in different scenes, different areas. I’m not going to wear a shoe unless it’s comfortable, and you’re not going to find a more comfortable shoe than Kane Footwear.”

Kane launched their initial collegiate collection last year with five schools featuring elite athletic programs: University of Alabama, the University of Southern California, Clemson University, Louisiana State University, and University of Florida. This year they’ll be expanding to University of Utah, University of Arizona, Auburn, Clemson, Syracuse, Florida State, University of Iowa, Iowa State, Michigan State, Ohio State and Ole Miss. 

“Playing competitive lacrosse at Johns Hopkins throughout college, I experienced first hand the difficulty of balancing time between games, a packed training schedule and classes,” John Gagliardi, CEO and Founder of Kane Footwear, said. “I always needed to be at the top of my game – physically and mentally. I’m excited to bring the Revive to college campuses to these students that need an active recovery solution that can promote continuous recovery while they’re on the move.”

The Revive was designed in collaboration with sports podiatrist Dr. Dan Geller, who has worked with top athletes from the BNA, NYC Ballet and LA Tri Club. The shoe offers a 10mm heel-to-toe drop to provide achilles support, an expanded footbed to accommodate post-workout swelling, a highly breathable design and nodes on the sole of the shoe to stimulate and promote blood flow in your feet. 

The expanded collection will be available September 7th at www.kanefootwear.com. Please reach out to madison@purpleoragepr.com with any questions.