Flagstaff, AZ, December 3, 2019 – Kahtoola, creator of award-winning MICROspikes® and NANOspikes® footwear traction, is proud to introduce a new, more versatile winter traction system, EXOspikes™. Intended for running and hiking in a multitude of conditions and terrain, EXOspikes™ enables people to safely navigate icy and snow-packed paved surfaces, mountain trails, and everything in between.

Applying 20 years of design experience, EXOspikes™ combines the approachable and extremely durable material set of NANOspikes® with the secure fit and superior traction of MICROspikes® footwear traction. EXOspikes™ features a consumer-friendly design and is the first footwear traction system to wrap cross-terrain performance, comfort, and mixed-weather functionality into one truly unique product that is designed to hold up on pavement while also excelling on trails.

Twelve spikes per foot deliver three levels of traction. Wear-resistant tungsten carbide spikes offer the initial bite on ice and packed snow, durable TPU lugs dig into uneven surfaces and loose terrain, and a refined open TPU matrix allows the tread on footwear to stay engaged. A newly designed TPE elastomer harness geometry is also easier to put on and take off and securely fits a wider range of flexible footwear.

“EXOspikes™ are the end result of an intensive design and testing process to make a product that would thrive in a wide spectrum of conditions from icy and snow-packed streets to the toughest mountain trails, yet be totally approachable and versatile,” said Danny Giovale, founder of Kahtoola. “Prior to the development of EXOspikes™, such a versatile traction device did not exist. Products designed specifically for use on either roads or trails were available, but none that provided safe, comfortable, and trustworthy cross-terrain performance for both on the same outing.”

EXOspikes™ will be available at retail beginning in fall 2020.

About Kahtoola: Since 1999, Kahtoola has been creating reliable gear that makes the outdoors more accessible and rewarding. Kahtoola’s flexible footwear traction systems, including MICROspikes® and NANOspikes®, are built to improve safety and performance in wintry locales around the globe. Every product from hiking crampons to running gaiters are thoughtfully designed and vigorously tested at the brand’s Flagstaff, AZ headquarters high on the Colorado Plateau. Owned and operated by founder Danny Giovale, Kahtoola proudly grants 1% of annual sales to fund projects that support indigenous cultures and improve communities, healthcare, education, resources and the environment. For more information, please visit Kahtoola.com.

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