Jelenew, the high-performance female sports brand, is showcasing its cycling and fitness apparel for women at the OR Summer Show Summer, offering a blend of tech and French couture styling.

The line includes the Hourglass Short Sleeve Jersey, L’Avenir Long Sleeve Training Jersey, Evolve Y Back Bib Shorts (8-inch), and Mercuria Short Sleeve Jersey featuring CurveTec*, a patented design “providing maximum mobility and support for the female physique,” said Jelenew. CurveTec “enhances the cycling experience by supporting the core, lower back, shoulders, hips, and thighs.”

“Unlike existing cycling apparel for women, Jelenew combines functionality, elegance and style, redefining the fusion of fashion and function in the world of sports apparel,” said Founder Slindy Li. “By partnering with accomplished female athletes in the cycling and fitness worlds, we incorporate invaluable real-world insights and consistently enhance our product range.”