In 2020 ISA TanTec launched its LITE (Low Impact To the Environment) Sourcing program, furthering its commitment to transparency and sustainability in the supply chain. The program focuses on the sustainable use of natural resources, accountability in the supply chain, and the fair and ethical treatment of animals. 

The group announced the FW2022 launch of its Greener Pastures Collection for footwear and luxury markets featuring leathers developed using raw materials that meet its Greener Pastures protocol requirements.

The FW2022 Greener Pasture leathers are fully traceable by lot to the farms or ranches with a chain of custody documentation, and they must meet specific animal welfare program requirements, including Beef Quality Assurance (BQA), Beef Quality Assurance Transportation (BQAT) and USDA Humane Handling program protocol, or the North American Meat Institute (NAMI) animal welfare guidelines dependent upon the source. 

“Under the program, animals are raised without the use of antibiotics, added hormones or steroids. They are fed a 100 percent vegetarian diet,” said Ronda de Bie, senior vice president, sales, ISA TanTec Group.

The next phase of the LITE Sourcing program will feature a traceability map on the website, enhancing the supply chain’s visibility.

“Aiming to source all cattle hides, chemicals, packaging responsibly, and other materials and assets in our supply chain, all the practices are up to standards and are founded on a continuous improvement approach,” said Uwe Hutzler, CEO, ISA TanTec Group.