Timed with the Summer season, iRocker, maker of inflatable water sports gear, is launching its Ultra Collection featuring its lightest weight paddleboards ranging from 19 pounds to 21 pounds with enhanced durability and a small, easy-to-carry backpack with an electric pump included.

“Our customers asked, and we listened,” said Agata Hairston, vice president, of marketing and branding. “With many travel restrictions lifting, people want something they can easily carry on their back or take on a bus, car or plane. Traditionally traveling with a paddleboard means taking another piece of heavy luggage. The Ultra Collection changes that, and we’re excited to see where people take their boards now that no adventure is off-limits.”

The collection includes four boards—redesigned versions of the All Around 10-foot and 11-foot, the Cruiser, and Blackfin CX. Each folds in half to a compact backpack that is nearly 50 percent smaller than previous models. The multi-layer board constructions ensure durability, and adjustable straps and enhanced padding make for a comfortable carrying experience.

The boards in the new collection come with iRocker’s 12V electric pump and are compatible with the brands accessories. The collection is available in an array of colors.

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Photo courtesy IRocker