Primarily known as an off-road running brand, Inov-8 entered the hiking category recently with its Graphene-enhanced boots. Now, the company is making its loudest hiking statement with the launch of two waterproof hiking boots called the Dirty Double on March 9.

The Roclite G 345 GTX V2 targets consumers who want a lightweight, agile boot, while the Roclite PRO G 400 GTX V2 offers a tougher, more protective feel. Both boots are upgrades to Inov-8’s V1 models by the same name. New upper and midsole technologies in the V2s deliver more comfort, a better fit, protection and support, increased energy return, and longer durability. 

The outsoles of the boots remain unchanged, featuring Graphene infused into the rubber to make gripping treads that “have proven to exceed 1,000 miles of use,” said Inov-8. Both boots also feature waterproof Gore-Tex technology covering the uppers to keep feet dry.

“The improvements made to the feel, comfort and performance of the boots will help hikers tackle trails and mountains with even more confidence. I’m particularly proud that we’ve again found ways to further improve durability and make our footwear last even longer,” said Wayne Edy the founder of Inov-8.

Hikers wore the V1 models of both boots to achieve long-distances, including the UK’s James Forrest, who set a then-record time for a continuous 328-mile hike of all 214 Wainwright’s peaks in the Lake District, while his partner, Nic Hardy, recently wore the Roclite G 345 GTX V2 to hike the 84-mile Norfolk Coast Path.

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Photo courtesy Inov-8