Icebreaker released the fifth installment of its annual Transparency Report, focused on switching to regeneratively grown wool. Through its partnership with The New Zealand Merino Company and its ZQRX program, the company aims to incorporate regenerative practices across all the merino stations that supply its merino wool.

ZQRX is a wool certification standard and regenerative agriculture program that helps growers improve based on regenerative principles. 

“New Zealand Merino and ZQRX are phenomenal partners in this full circle regenerative relationship between merino stations, brand and consumers,” said Noah Bryan, general manager, Icebreaker NA. “Much like our successful ten-year Growers Club contracts with merino stations, we know aligning our respective expertise with ZQRX will result in positive, tangible benefits for people, planet and sheep far into the future.”

 Icebreaker has 70 members in its Growers Club; 100 percent have signed up for the ZQRX program. Of the 70 members, 59 are Growers Club members who have completed an initial assessment. The remaining 11 members will complete their assessment at the end of 2022. The report highlights three Growers Club members—Omarama Station, Earnscleugh Station and Godley Peaks Station.

As previous reports have highlighted, sustainability is a key pillar and driver for the brand. The report calls out the importance of regenerative agriculture for its growers, the merino wool used in its clothing and for the planet’s future.

Photo courtesy Icebreaker