Ibex, the merino wool apparel and accessories maker, launched a new label, Ibex Labs—a small-batch, limited-edition collection “that prioritizes innovation, performance, quality, and sustainability.”

Ibex is a small, privately owned brand that “recognizes the unique opportunity to invest in cutting-edge technologies and innovative processes.” Ibex Labs is a platform for the brand to “explore those creative avenues.” Ibex hopes to introduce “remarkable and distinctive Labs products several times a year through experimental drops.”

“Ibex Labs is the culmination of the work we began back in 1997—to mix the best of human innovation with the best of what nature has to offer,” commented Jordan Todoroff, Ibex general manager. “We’ve been nurturing dreams of small batch, elite product collections for years, and we can finally bring them to market through Ibex Labs. Our team firmly believes in the ethos that we would rather be better tomorrow than satisfied today, and Labs is designed to keep us on that unceasing journey of improvement,” he continued. 

The inaugural Ibex Labs collection, Dyed in the Wool, features garments made with a blend of merino wool and organic cotton in a limited-run natural tie-dye pattern achieved through hand-dyeing and includes the Tranquil Hoodie for men and women, Tranquil Jogger for women and Tranquil Crew for men. Each style is one-of-a-kind.

Dyed in the Wool was developed in partnership with Green Matters Natural Dye Company, which uses plant-based dyes. Located on a sustainable farm in Lancaster County, PA, Green Matters’ eco-friendly apparel-dyeing process “resonates with Ibex’s shared vision of sustainable fashion.”

Ibex Dyed in the Wool collection features Indigofera tinctoria (true indigo) and Acacia catechu (cutch) sourced from a farm in Andhra Pradesh, India. The garments are dyed “using 100 percent captured rainwater collected from Green Matters’ 60,000-gallon cistern.”

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Photo courtesy Ibex