July 20, 2020 – As lives have been radically disrupted due to the coronavirus pandemic, consumers are seeking comfort and security from their daily surroundings that range from the home where we are living in and working from, to the clothes we wear.

This global condition has accelerated the desire for comfortable, versatile, and sustainable apparel that can be worn for multiple uses, that is made to last, and is in sync with their individual style.

Materials play a key role in the comfort, performance and sustainable features consumers crave in these crossover garments. To fill this need, the fiber giant Hyosung has expanded its 100% recycled multi-function fiber offering, which it will present at Outdoor Retailer Online show July 21-23, 2020.

“At Hyosung, our objective is to reduce waste,” said Mike Simko, Hyosung Global Marketing Director.

“Whether it’s our spandex or nylon or polyester, it’s all made with 100% reclaimed waste so that we’re maximizing the positive impact.”

In addition to Hyosung’s new  GRS 100% recycled creora® regen spandex collection, the company will highlight the following new recycled polyester and nylon yarns (among others) with added performance features during Outdoor Retailer Online.

Keep Cool with Comfort

A balance between comfort and function – Hyosung’s 100% recycled regen askin polyester with cooling technology offers cool touch, UV protection, and rapid drying features created for those who like to play hard in the sun.

For a Better Future

With every ton of 100% reclaimed waste Hyosung uses to produce its GRS certified creora® regen spandex, consumers will be happy to know it is saving approximately 2 tons of non-renewable raw material being extracted from the earth.

Recycled. Robust. Resilient.

Hyosung’s Mipan® regen robic is the first GRS certified recycled high-tenacity nylon made from 100% reclaimed waste developed for eco-conscious enthusiasts who rely on their gear wherever the adventure takes them.

Staying Connected

Due to the coronavirus, many trade shows around the world have pivoted from live to digital events. To stay better connected with its customers, Hyosung has increased its digital marketing initiatives to participate in virtual trade shows and events such as Outdoor Retailer Online and the recent Kingpins24 and Performance Days online shows. The company is also developing new Hyosung Performance Textiles social platforms to include a forthcoming blog along with LinkedIn, Instagram and, YouTube pages, which will go live in August 2020. You can link to our social pages by visiting our blog at blog.hyosungtnc.com.