Houdini sportswear launched its Fall 2022 line using 100 percent recycled, renewable, biodegradable, and Bluesign-certified fabrics.

“We are the perfect antidote to fast fashion because our products stand the test of time and are a planet-friendly versatile solution for virtually any life situation,” said Niclas Bornling, head of brand and direct-to-consumer. “Houdini’s Essentials line solves all modern wardrobe challenges, with durable timeless style, from everyday use to adventures in the outdoor elements. It’s a minimalist approach to products that have longevity both in quality and fashion. By creating garments meant to last, consumers lower the emissions and waste byproducts of their clothing while using premier items.”

According to Houdini, “on average, garments are worn 7-to-10 times in the Western world (source: The Ellen MacArthur Foundation). After that, they are often left unused or discarded. The average Power Houdi is used 1,287 times. Houdini is designing products that are used 100 times more than the average garment.”

The company’s “Forward to Nature Campaign” featuring its New Naturals collection and online marketing campaign launching Fall 2022, highlights the brand’s Alto, Desoli and Lana collections with new silhouettes and colors made with all-natural materials and no synthetic mixes that are odor-resistant, lightweight and breathable.

The Fall 2022 collection includes merino wool base layers, jackets and performance layers, designed for movement and durability. New colors including hazel, sand dune, post-it yellow, and deep red have been added to the Dunfri, Moonwalk, Shelter Anorak, Lana Jacket, and Rollercoaster garments

Completing the Fall 2022 collection are two of Houdini’s staple pieces, the Power Houdi and Mono Air Houdi The Power Houdi is made with the Power Stretch Pro from Polartec. The Mono Air Houdi, also available in a pullover style.

Houdini is also introducing the Desoli Light Crew and Thermal Crew, the Lana Anorak, the Fall In Jacket and Outright Pants.

  • Desoli Light Crew  and Thermal Crew are circular base layers made of 100 percent merino wool for men and women.
  • Lana Anorak circular garment is made in Wool Shell—a light, densely woven 100 percent merino wool that is water-resistant without added chemicals. The density of the weave makes the garment wind-resistant but breathable.
  • Fall In Jacket is a waterproof insulated winter jacket available for men and women. Featuring a relaxed fit is made from circular materials featuring a PFAS-free water repellency treatment.
  • Outright Pants: Houdini continued the style from the Outright collection to make a relaxed fleece pant made from Power Stretch Pro Light from Polartec.

Photo courtesy Houdini