The Holubar story embodies the realization and innovation of the American dream. Holubar Mountaineering is a pioneer of American Outdoor Clothing, being the first company in 1960 to introduce lightweight down sleeping bags made with nylon fabric, and now it is set for a major revival with a re-launch in the United States and worldwide, through a partnership with Fashion Box USA, a newly created business accelerator for global apparel brands entering or expanding operations and reach in North America. Fashion Box USA was launched in 2019 by Patrick Nebiolo (former managing director of Woolrich Inc. and major shareholder of Holubar International) and partners and has offices in the U.S., Italy and the UK.

With AW19 Fashion Box USA has re-launched the mountaineering brand for the North American market, building on its already-established heritage through classic designs. These include the Mountain Parka, now known as the Deer Hunter jacket (worn by Robert De Niro in the 1978 Oscar-winning film of the same name). Classic details such as Holubar’s signature back cargo pocket, which was originally designed to store a map, gloves or a sweater, will also be a key feature.

Alongside classic design, Holubar is committed to quality materials. Its “FUR FREE” retro collection introduces a perfect luxury alternative to the fur trim on hoods, with Alpaca Lining by Steiff-Schulte, along with laminated cotton by Impresa Tessile, Italian loden by Aquila, 20 denier poly by Limonta, and poly-wool (technical 50/50 wool/poly). The brand is also reviving Cordura – a classic fabric that was largely used in the 1970s but has been out of the fashion/sportswear market for some time. Staying true to the brand’s history of innovation, Holubar is also using graphene, the most advanced padding available in the market today. It’s the strongest material ever tested and it has incredible conductive abilities, capturing the release of body heat in warm conditions to be stored and distributed equally in cold conditions. It’s another example of how Holubar is reconfiguring its classics for today’s consumer.

Holubar is a groundbreaking brand with outdoor adventure at its heart, so it is natural that the brand is also pushing barriers for mountaineers. We are proud to be partnering with the Colorado Mountain Club, one of the most prestigious mountain clubs in North America, which brand founder Roy Holubar was Vice President of in the 1950s. This will see the club’s name and logo featured on one of Holubar’s jackets, The Colorado, which is a replica of a famous style from the late 1970s archive.

About Holubar: The company began operations in 1946, in Boulder, CO when Alice and Roy Holubar went to Denver to buy World War II mountaineering equipment from an army surplus warehouse. The idea was to supply this special equipment to the numerous outdoors enthusiasts in the Boulder Colorado area. The Holubars began to sew and sell down-filled sleeping bags, later expanding their range to include parkas, backpacks and climbing pitons. At first, the new company focused mainly on mail-order business: the Holubars began to publish one or two catalogs each year illustrating the products manufactured in their workshop. The Holubar brand rapidly gained ground by introducing various technical innovations that over the years influenced many of America’s leading manufacturers of outdoor gear. These innovations included the use of:
Nylon — at the time a revolutionary and almost experimental material
V-Baffling — structure of the internal cells of sleeping bags designed
for high-altitude expeditions
NP-22 — the blend of cotton and nylon, 60/40 for a number of now classic models such as Mountain Parka
Special Sandwich padding — two external layers of polyester foam and
an inner layer of down, which made the garment faster-drying than
those filled with down only
Wavy Stitching — quilting technique to give greater stability than was
possible with the traditional horizontal stitching.
Incalescence — design technique used so that the thermal capacity of
the jacket increased progressively
Holubar Collar – a specially-shaped outsize down-filled collar offering
extra protection in intensely cold weather