HitchFire introduced an RV Kit allowing users to hook up a Forge 15 Grill or Ultimate Grill Station to an on-board propane supply. The product allows the company to expand its compatibility to a new set of vehicles.

The Kit provides the option to switch between on-board propane and a standard propane tank without reinstallation. Included with the kit are two new valves, two 24-inch quick connect hoses, one 12-foot quick connect hose, one brass Y-fitting, two brass quick connect fittings for the temp control valve, and two regulators that work with the quick connect fittings.

Installing the kit requires changing out the valve assembly on an RV or travel trailer and installing a new valve that can connect to the quick-connect hoses or the included regulator for use with two one-pound propane bottles. The new valves are rated to 10k BTUs each for more power and brings the grill up to 20k BTUs for increased grilling power.

The RV Kit is compatible with regulated propane sources only and is not for high-pressure or unregulated propane sources.


“As much as we enjoy introducing new products like The Ultimate Grill Station, we’re equally excited about introducing accessories that extend the usage one can find with HitchFire,” said Evan Currid, HitchFire CEO and founder. “Catering to all types of vehicles is a priority for us. The RV kit is another way we’re hoping to accomplish that.”

Launched in 2020, HitchFire’s Forge 15 can withstand miles of pavement or trails while securely attaching to a vehicle’s two-inch receiver hitch. Launched in May 2021, the brand’s Ultimate Grill Station offers a suite of grilling accessories, including a side burner and maple cutting board that integrates with the Forge 15 grill.

Photo courtesy HitchFire