Dino Dardano (center) and Marie Forsberg-Mare (center right) hand off Hestra’s $5,000 donation to Friends Colorado

Arvada, CO, September 30, 2019–Hestra, the 83-year-old Swedish glove maker, has partnered with Together For Change dba Friends Colorado to help increase awareness and knowledge about bullying and how it can be stopped and prevented.

During the recent grand opening of its new USA headquarters, Hestra raised $5,000 to benefit anti-bullying initiatives through Friends Colorado. They have a common thread as both Hestra and the Friends education originated in Sweden.

“We are so thankful and excited to receive the generous donation from Hestra. As a non-profit, we are dependent on donations and having a corporate partner like Hestra is invaluable as we work to grow our bullying prevention efforts throughout Colorado and the U.S. All children and youth should be able to grow up in an inclusive environment where they feel safe and allowed to thrive. Bullying is a piece of the puzzle and with adults having knowledge and tools, bullying can be stopped and prevented”, says Marie Forsberg-Mare, President of Friends Colorado.

Friends Colorado is a 501©3 dedicated to the prevention of bullying through education in schools and youth sports clubs. Friends’ education originates from Sweden, where Friends was founded in 1997. Today, it is the country’s largest bullying prevention organization.

“This organization is really doing the hard work of shifting the cultural narrative around the bullying of our youth”, says Dino Dardano, President of Hestra USA. “Hestra is so proud to support this work and to advocate for more educational efforts in this realm.”

To learn more, visit friendscolorado.org.