Headsweats has partnered with Breast Cancer Prevention Partners to raise funds for breast cancer awareness by donating 20 percent of the sale price from its new collection of hats and apparel during Breast Cancer Prevention Awareness Month this month.

“Headsweats firmly believes in the mission of BCPP and is passionate about supporting the work they do to prevent breast cancer,” said Mike McQueeney, president, Headsweats. “Breast cancer affects many women and their loved ones that support them. Our collection of breast cancer awareness truckers, face masks, shirts, and beanies will support their cause through donations from every sale while helping to raise awareness of their crucial work. We look forward to seeing their logo on the trails, gyms and everywhere people take their Headsweats gear.

“Our partnership with Headsweats gives our supporters the opportunity to share our mission wherever they go,” said Amanda Heier, BCPP CEO and President, “Using the Headsweats platform will introduce our cause to a new audience of supporters as well – starting with transforming breast cancer messaging from awareness to prevention.”

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