Hart Eyewear launched its blue-light filtering lens collection.

“For the last year, much like everyone else, I’ve been stuck behind a screen. I started feeling the effects,” said Hart Eyewear Founder and CEO, Steve Hart.

The brand’s high-tech glasses use proprietary technology to protect the eyes from computer screens’ harmful rays. Other blue-light lenses often use dyes or filter-coatings, Hart infuses a blue-light blocking compound into the lens material inherently creating a higher level of protection with less color distortion.

The company also developed a second lens designed for nighttime use. Its Sleep Lens focuses on protecting healthy melatonin production, offering better, deeper sleep uninterrupted by the strain of a screen.

The company strives to source recycled and sustainably made materials to decrease its carbon footprint. Its eyewear features cellulose acetate frames made with plant-based material. All of its cases, microfiber cloths, packaging, inserts, and branded materials are made with recycled materials and processed with minimal, low-waste shipping.

“We spent a lot of time working on being as sustainable as possible, finding all these different materials and putting it all together, but we felt like that wasn’t enough. We wanted to do more. We wanted to give back,” Hart said.

The company donates one percent of revenue towards environmental initiatives.

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