Gnarly Sports Nutrition announced that it is moving all product packaging from plastic tubs to recyclable tin coated steel cans inspired by the fact that “steel has the highest recycling rate of any material, with around 71 percent being repurposed compared to 8 percent of plastics,” said Gnarly. “Unlike plastic, steel can be recycled indefinitely with no loss of quality,” the brand continued.

While Gnarly’s plastic tubs have been made using recyclable HDPE plastic #2, plastic can only be recycled one to two times before it starts to break down beyond recyclability and with a concern of microplastic creation. The majority of all new steel manufacturing comes from recycled steel, helping to reduce the amount of iron ore, limestone and mined coal. Steel is also easily pulled from landfills due to its magnetic properties.

“Over the last 18 months, we’ve been trying to find a replacement for single-use plastic packaging that not only makes a substantial improvement in packaging sustainability but also maintains our high product quality standards,” said Gnarly CPO/COO, Shannon O’Grady. “In addition to their superior recyclability, steel cans are also hermetic, or airtight, thus setting the standard for shelf life and product integrity. This is Gnarly Nutrition’s first step toward responsible packaging, and we’re in it for the long game.”

Gnarly Nutrition manufactures its steel cans in the U.S. The first cans will begin shipping to customers on September 30, with the brand’s Pre Workout and BCAA products. Collagen Pro, Whey and its Vegan products will shift to steel packaging this fall as inventory allows.

Eli Kerr, Gnarly’s CEO, said: “We know our customers trust our quality and effective products, and we are focused on continuing to build a brand that we believe also resonates with our customers, which includes caring about the Earth and our impact on it. These steel cans are just one step (albeit a giant one!) for Gnarly towards more sustainable solutions for our packaging. I am proud of our team and their vision to do something different, something better than what has previously been done in the supplement industry. We are just getting started.”

Photo courtesy Gnarly Nutrition