Geartrade, the outdoor marketplace for unnew gear, received its 2022 Climate Neutral Certification. This is the second consecutive year following the measurement of its 2021 greenhouse gas emissions, purchasing eligible verified carbon credits to offset its footprint and detailing plans to reduce emissions for the coming year.

“These are small but important steps in the right direction for Geartrade, as well as all the other companies who have prioritized a climate-neutral business model. That said, we are fully aware that there’s still a lot of work to be done in terms of lowering the overall carbon footprint of our business, our community and our industry,” said Aaron Provine, president, Geartrade.

Climate Neutral is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization working with brands and consumers to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions. The Climate Neutral Certified label is an independent standard for climate neutrality earned by brands that measure, offset and reduce the emissions from making and delivering products and services to customers.

Companies receive certification through accounting for greenhouse gas emissions generated in the production, operations and shipping of goods and services. It also builds on internationally recognized standards for carbon measurement and neutrality, including measurement of yearly cradle-to-customer greenhouse gas emissions to maintain certification.