G. Loomis, the manufacturer of conventional and fly fishing rods, released the IMX-Pro Offshore series of 20-to-80-pound class rods featuring a range of technique-specific actions designed for West Coast offshore anglers.

The eight offshore rods, made in Woodland, WA, are suited for “dynamic fisheries, challenging conditions and iconic game fish” in the Pacific. A SeaGuide guide train and Fuji reel seat complement a battle on grip for comfort and resilience.

“If you’re flylining a sardine for yellowtail and dorado around kelp paddies, casting irons at acres of foaming tuna, or dropping a jig for a cow, we designed the IMX-Pro Offshore series for you,” said Blaine Anderson, Saltwater product marketing manager at G. Loomis. “We forged this series to be as tough as the anglers that wield them.”

Drawing on over 40 years of experience, G. Loomis designed the series featuring the brand’s multi-taper design technology, adding material on the blanks’ stress points and reducing material where not necessary to enhance durability, decrease weight and provide strength.

Photos courtesy G. Loomis