Fox Racing announced it had launched its Foxhub Training platform—a resource for retailers, Fox representatives and employees to become brand and product savvy. 

The goal is to educate the industry to help the brands consumers better understand key features and benefits to select the right Fox Racing products. 

“We talked to retailers across the globe, they said that training was one of their biggest challenges and asked for help. We felt like we could add value and set retailers up for success by providing a solution. The all-new Foxhub training website was purpose-built to ensure that our Fox community has the information they need right at their fingertips to serve the consumer and help aid them in selecting the right equipment for the best ride ever,” said Kelly Carioti, GM of North America.

“I wish all other manufacturers had training like Fox Racing with Foxhub for my staff. My team has become experts on Fox products. Very beneficial!” said Billy Anderson, Palmetto Motorsports.

The Foxhub platform contains core training modules for the brand’s Spring ’21 mountain bike collections for men, women and kids, including helmets, apparel, gloves, guards, and accessories. Each training module provides video training, technical information and specs on product collections with a module “quiz” enabling users to test and hone their knowledge of Fox products.

To learn more about the training site, go here.