British brand, Finisterre, announced it released its first fully-circular jacket.

Built as an insulated outerwear piece, the Biosmock can be layered under a waterproof jacket or worn as an outer shell. Constructed with a PrimaLoft Bio compostable shell, renewable and traceable HD Wool Apparel Insulation and biodegradable fasteners, the jacket will compost at the end of its lifecycle.

“We worked closely with the team at HD Wool to source and incorporate HD Wool Apparel Insulation into the Biosmock design,” said A. Todd, lead designer, Finisterre. “Wool’s natural heat retention and breathability makes it an excellent insulator, as well as being renewable. Furthermore, through the Woolkeepers initiative, consumers can trace the jacket’s insulation back to the four farms in the South West of England that supplied the wool providing full traceability and accreditation from farm to Finisterre.”

The HD Wool Apparel Insulation QR code on the Biosmock hangtag links consumers to the farm that supplied the wool for the garment. 

Through the Woolkeepers quality assurance and sourcing program, “HD Wool Apparel Insulation offers a complete solution to meet the growing demand among brands, retailers and consumers for natural fibers and traceability. It supports responsible farming and animal welfare, paying a fair price for wool and nurturing a community of growers on the journey towards regenerative agriculture—a sustainability initiative that builds soil fertility, sequesters carbon, improves watersheds, and supports biodiversity, properly managing livestock on the grasslands of the world,” said Finisterre.

“We are incredibly excited for the launch of Finisterre’s Biosmock and delighted to link our Woolkeepers community to end-consumers,” said Simon Whitmarsh-Knight, managing director, HD Wool Apparel Insulation. “As with HD Wool, Finisterre is incredibly passionate about making a positive impact on the environment and pushing boundaries to make the best products it can. Collaborating with the team on the Biosmock project has been a true privilege.”

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