Decorah, IA — June 12, 2024 — FeatherSnap, a brand created to revolutionize birdwatching, proudly introduces the new Scout smart bird feeder, a Wi-Fi enabled feeder that brings the wonder of nature to your fingertips. Effortlessly experience the joy of birdwatching by receiving captivating photos and videos directly to your phone. 

The FeatherSnap Scout redefines home birdwatching through an immersive, educational, and entertaining user experience. State-of-the-art camera technology offers a high-definition glimpse into the secret world of birds, with four megapixel photo quality, 1080p video capabilities, and a wide field of view that spans 180°. Integrated solar panels keep the Scout’s camera charged efficiently, while a durable design ensures the Scout can withstand various weather conditions year-round. The dual feeder bin allows users to attract more species to the Scout’s retractable perch. A universal mount easily attaches to a tree, house, or post to capture crisp, high-quality images and videos.

In addition to the Scout, FeatherSnap is thrilled to introduce the accompanying FeatherSnap mobile app, which allows enthusiasts of all levels to elevate their birding experience and avian knowledge. Created in partnership with FeatherSnap’s in-house ornithologist, the FeatherSnap App offers real-time notifications of feeder activity, expert-trained AI identification of more than 275 North American species, and a Bird Book where users can catalog photos and videos and earn achievement badges. 

“Our goal with the FeatherSnap Scout and app is to create the most immersive and entertaining birdwatching experience available,” says Abigail Knox, FeatherSnap’s Director of Brand Management. “We took proven camera technology and incorporated the extensive expertise of our staff ornithologist to deliver a high quality product that is simple and fun to use for everyone. We want to bring people in to learn, whether you are an experienced birder, a family watching birds from your window, or someone who is fascinated by technology and the natural world.”

The FeatherSnap Scout includes a high quality camera with Live View feature, Wi-Fi-enabled feeder with integrated solar panels, and universal mount. The FeatherSnap App is available now in the Apple and Google Play app stores.

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