Envoy B2B recently announced its partnership with Locally, an online company that helps thousands of retailers present their current inventory to nearby shoppers using eCommerce tactics while providing brands with novel last-mile fulfillment options like in-store pickup and same-day delivery.

Acting as a wholesale content and eCommerce platform, Envoy B2B is an order capture and rep enablement platform that modernizes a brand’s wholesale channel. With this, they offer a destination for brands to showcase their season, create, plan and capture prebook and replenishment orders, and digitally enable their rep force to support their retail accounts.

As the retail industry pivots due to COVID-19, a “shop online, pick-up curbside or same-day delivery” experience is becoming part of the new “normal.” Currently, with the prevalence of social distancing and shelter-in-place orders across major metropolitan areas, these curbside experiences are more important than ever to sustain local retailers and overall continued commerce for consumers.

With this, the importance of brands aligning with their retailers and their customer’s demands becomes a necessity. Ensuring that brands meet local consumer demand with local availability while keeping a close eye on replenishing low inventory is key to supporting retailers in this new “normal” of retail. Envoy B2B and Locally are fulfilling that need through their partnership.

“The partnership between Envoy B2B and Locally allows brands to identify the products a store should carry based on consumer demand geographically around their store and recommend an order of those “on-trend” products. Additionally, it allows brands to view a retailer’s on-hand inventory in Envoy B2B in order to recommend intelligent replenishment orders to keep those products that are selling well continually available locally by that retailer.” Jon Faber, CEO and Founder of Envoy B2B explained. 

A new feature being launched is called “on-trend”, brands and retailers that participate in Locally will be able to see their brands products which are most in-demand geographically around the retailer’s store in their market. This will help retailers carry the right products from a brand and by doing so gain greater visibility on the brand’s direct-to-consumer website as a shop online pick-up in-store fulfillment opportunity.” says Jon

“Right now, the biggest problems perpetually facing retailers of all sizes are discovering emerging local trends, stocking their stores with the most popular local products and best selling brands, and then conveying in-stock information to nearby shoppers,” stated Mike Massy, Founder and President of Locally. “Through partnering with Envoy B2B, we are able to provide our customers with greater local availability, our brands with faster wholesale placement for items that they are perhaps pushing hard through marketing, and our retailers the ability to stock trendy items quicker.

To see Envoy B2B + Locally live Envoy B2B is offering a webinar on April 14th at 2pm EST. You can register here.

About Envoy B2B: Envoy B2B is a wholesale content and eCommerce platform for your entire team. Our tools and services are designed to help you create dynamic content, increase your speed of sale, and bring you closer to your retailers. Envoy B2B provides the technology you need to empower your sales reps and support your retail channel. Envoy currently works with great clients like Ducati, LEMS footwear, Howler Brothers, gogglesoc, Green Lines, Bio Lite, Keds, Merrell, Hush Puppies, CAT Footwear, Chaco, Saucony, OOFOS, Topo Designs, Joules. Learn more at Envoyb2b.com

About Locally: Locally works with hundreds of premium brands and thousands of retailers to display local inventory to nearby online shoppers. The platform uses digital marketing tactics to engage online shoppers while providing them with novel purchase options like: Buy Online-Pick-Up-In-Store, Same-Day-Delivery, and Ship-to Store. More info is available at Locally.com.