Cerritos, CA, August 11, 2020Electrolit – the preferred, premium hydration beverage made from pharmaceutical quality grade ingredients – has launched a refreshed Summer campaign in partnership with Doubleday & Cartwright. Showcasing the brand’s scientific benefits and ability to optimize internal balance, the campaign will elevate the brand’s core messages through a clean and modern direction.

“Instant and optimum hydration are the core of our brand, and our Summer campaign shares these key values and benefits with consumers during a time when hydration is needed most,” said Caridad Ochoa, Commercial Director with Electrolit. “Doubleday & Cartwright perfectly captured our brand values with a bold look across all creatives.”

Through multiple creative applications – including billboards, transit center displays, Los Angeles and Miami Metro buses, and various social media outlets – Electrolit will build awareness in multiple markets nationwide on the brand’s scientifically formulated ingredients, instant hydration abilities, and delicious flavor options.

With stark and contrasting colors in mind, Doubleday & Cartwright’s top tier photographers captured a range of athlete photos, as well as refreshed product photography, to be displayed across multiple channels to communicate key recovery benefits for versatile and vital lifestyles. The brand’s logo is consistently displayed front and center, with a focus on black and white hues with occasional pops of color to put an emphasis on the brand’s premium status.

Scientifically formulated with magnesium, sodium, potassium, calcium and glucose, Electrolit is ideal for consumption after prolonged exposure to heat, physical activity, hangovers and sickness for immediate replenishment to the body. All of Electrolit’s products provide complete hydration when electrolytes and ions are low.

Electrolit is available at major retailers and grocers, such as Walmart and Kroger. For more information, visit electrolit.com or follow them on Instagram or Facebook.









About Electrolit: Electrolit manufactures a scientifically formulated premium hydration beverage that replenishes the body after physical activity, intense heat, hangovers, or sickness. Formulated with magnesium, potassium, calcium, sodium glucose, and sodium lactate plus six ions for electrolyte absorption, Electrolit aids in recovery of the hydro electrolytic imbalance, fulfilling metabolic and hydration needs. Available in nine delicious flavors, Electrolit is currently offered in national, grocery, convenience and online channels across the nation, including Walmart, Kroger, HEB, 7-11 and more. Electrolit is manufactured and owned by Pisa Pharmaceuticals, the largest pharmaceutical company in Mexico and Latin America.