Elan dropped a limited early release of its Ripstick 106 and 96 Black Edition skis with QuadRod.

The brand introduced “Black Edition” skis in 2018 and has since applied the construction to its leading models, including the Ripstick 106 and 96

QuadRod, a four-carbon rod reinforcement embedded in the ski’s core, delivers a lightweight, robust rebound. Beginning with the skis Tubelight wood core, carbon rods are inserted along the skis’ perimeter. The QuadRod adds two carbon rods, which are aligned but not connected, to the ski’s forebody and tail. The added carbon rods give the skis more power and strength and the desired flex for performance.

The Black Edition Ripstick 106 and 96 are constructed with Elan’s new Amphibio Carbon Line Technology, an asymmetrical design that infuses carbon reinforcement over the skis’ inside edge for power and stability at high speeds during the turn. The skis also feature the limited edition, all-black graphics. The Black Edition Ripsticks weigh around 100 grams more than the in-line Ripsticks.

Ripstick 106 and 96 Black Edition skis will be available at select Elan retailers. For more product information, go here.