Deckers X Lab announced it has partnered with local weaver and French artist Nadine Marchal to create a limited-edition slip-on shearling boot.

Designed and woven on a manual loom in France, the textile panel in the forefoot of the boot features hand-dyed recycled wool yarns. Every shoe made is unique and the newest edition to the company’s KO-Z SNPR line.

The design offers the relaxed fit of a house slipper with the street performance of a sneaker and the cushioned comfort of a recovery shoe. Equipped with Meta-Rocker geometry and an ultra-wide/ultralight sponge rubber outsole, the technology of the inner and outer layer makes the boot suited for casual walks to walking around the house.

The SNPR Woven Mid is made in partnership with HERproject and is available in women’s sizes. For more product information, go here.

Photo courtesy Deckers X Lab