Dimension-Polyant, the largest sailcloth producer and manufacturer of X-Pac waterproof laminates developed for packs and bags, added its X-Pac VX line to its sustainable fabric collection, certified climate neutral and carries the company’s cleenTec seal.

The new eco-friendly X-Pac VX collection features a four-layer construction that’s flexible, waterproof and made with Dimension-Polyant’s patented X-PLY fiber reinforcement from recycled post-consumer PET. The VX fabrics are laminated with a lightweight taffeta backing, also made from 100 percent recycled post-consumer PET, to enhance stitch-hold. As with all X-Pac materials, the VX fabrics are made in Dimension-Polyant’s Putnam, CT facility, which is 100 percent climate-neutral.

The X-Pac VX fabrics are certified by Dimension-Polyant’s cleenTec seal, which guarantees they are 100 percent climate neutral by including recycled or bio-based components with the added sustainable measure of having climate offsets applied directly to these fabrics.

“We are proud to say that nearly half of all X-Pac fabrics now carry the cleenTec seal, up 26 percent from 2022,” said Taylor North, head of Technical Fabrics for Dimension-Polyant U.S. “To make the largest impact in our carbon neutral initiative, our goal was to transition our top-selling fabrics to cleenTec certified. It’s our commitment to continually develop sustainably made X-Pac materials, and we look forward to announcing an exciting new product introduction soon, which will raise the bar for sustainable performance laminates.”

Dimension-Polyant stated, “The total volume of cleenTec-certified fabrics sold in 2022 accounted for 68 percent of all X-Pac fabrics sold, reducing the carbon impact of all yardage produced by 4 percent. While many textile manufacturers are doing what they can to make the industry greener by developing high-quality recycled, bio-based and biodegradable fibers and fabrics along with waterless dyes and compostable packaging, among other sustainable initiatives that flow through the supply chain, it’s extremely difficult for a company to be 100 percent climate neutral by doing these great measures alone.”

“We know that despite our great efforts in making our production facilities and fabrics greener, there is always more to do, thus our carbon offset program with ClimatePartner supports tangible environmental improvement for the most at-risk places on the planet,” said North.

Dimension-Polyant will present its X-Pac performance fabric collection at Performance Days Munich from October 4-5.

Photo courtesy Dimension-Polyant