Db released the Duplex, a new line of duffel bags for the backcountry and off-grid travel.

The brand, founded in 2012 in Norway, creates luggage, roller, snowboard, and ski bags. The Duplexmarks the culmination of R&D to create the “perfect” duffel bag for adventure travel.

“Duffels are traditionally designed to sit open on the ground for loading all the stuff, then carried somehow – most commonly with thin backpack straps. The primary function of the adventure duffel is to be filled up with all the gear imaginable for your journey,” said Hunter Nordhauser, senior designer, Db. “When you think of how large and heavy they can be, especially since we all havethe tendency to fill them up to capacity, how we tackled the problem is pretty novel, allowing for both great carry and ease of access.”

The Duplex comes in three sizes, 50, 70 and 90L, and offers a hemispheric design for ease of access and improved ability to organize. It also offers organized compartments and external pockets, reinforced shoulder straps for comfortable carry. The heavy-duty fabric helps it stand up and comes with a top carry handle and a soft rib cage system for the bag to maintain its shape when worn. Db’s Hook-Up System is included to transport additional luggage.

“If you’ve ever traveled with a backpacking pack, you know that fishing for that pair of socks in the bottom of the pack is a 10-minute treasure hunt. We’ve taken the largest pain points of travel gear and found a solution that solves for all of this without sacrificing any of the durability,” said Ryan Lee, design consultant, The Duplex. “We help you get your gear from point A to point B with a lot less toll on the user.”

To develop and test the bag, Db asked skiers and adventurers including Michelle Parker, Sam Favret and Nikolai Schirmer to travel with the bag. The end result is a bag that’s “tough on the outside, organized on the inside and ready to climb whatever mountain needs climbing.”

“What sets The Duplex apart is the organization factor. Gone are the days of digging deep in your bag for a pair of underwear and not being able to find it,” said professional skier Michelle Parker. “And the split feature makes it easy to dial in your gear and travel seamlessly between adventures.”

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Photo courtesy Db