Born on the water in 1983, Costa Sunglasses is celebrating 40 years of making sunglasses and protecting the seas worldwide.

“With 40 years of adventures, Costa’s history books are filled with unbelievable moments worth celebrating. We’ve come a long way since 1983—bearing witness to 40 years of product innovation, working just as hard to protect the waters we love as we do to embrace them and growing a loyal community that’s just as obsessed with the pursuit of those heart-stopping, water-filled moments as we are, said Justin Cupps, Costa senior vice president.

“Over the next few months, we look forward to continuing our celebrations the best way we know how with our core community and beyond. You’ll find us supporting decade-long conservation partners, joining Costa pros and ambassadors at upcoming events, venturing out to inspire fellow watermen and women to ‘see what’s out there, and witnessing the latest in product technology,” continued Cupps.

Costa kicked off its newest brand campaign, ‘Water Is Our Witness,’ tying together its history and looking forward to the future. The campaign features Costa ambassadors Kimi Werner (Spear Fishing), Mark Healey (Surfing), Justin Lee (Diving), Duane Diego (Offshore Fishing), Chris & Sarah Wittman (Inshore Fishing, Captains For Clean Water Co-Founder), Jack Ho (Foiling), and Forrest Galante (Exploration).

“Everything we do as a brand—past and present—points back to the water. It’s where we fulfill our higher calling, where we experience some of life’s most epic moments, and what quenches our thirst for more – so what better way to pay homage to the common denominator that unites us all? That’s what led to the idea behind ‘Water Is Our Witness,’ and why we’re really stoked to share this one,” said John Acosta, Costa vice president of marketing.

Photo courtesy Costa