In December 2022, Invista, owner of Cordura, celebrated its 55th anniversary of manufacturing performance fabrics. Cordura’s portfolio includes over 15 performance technologies and over “2,500-plus certified Cordura fabrics available through worldwide partners.

“Since the commercialization of the fabric in 1967, the Cordura brand has worked hand-in-hand with its mill and supply chain partners to break molds and blaze new trails with all signs, roads and paths leading to the next generation of durable solutions. Our continuous evolution of end-use apparel continues to generate demand for ingredient brands to diversify possible applications in end-use products. By collaborating to innovate, we can work ever more closely with brands and mill partners to maximize on strengths and develop the next generation of sustainable solutions,” said Malayka Erpen, global consumer segment leader of the Cordura brand.

Highlights of its 55-year history include:

  • Cordura re/cor Recycled Nylon 6,6 (RN66) launched in January 2023 using 100 percent pre-consumer nylon 6,6 fiber material that is GRS certified, creating “83 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions, using 82 percent less energy and 57 percent less water in the manufacturing process”;
  • C.F. Weber launched as the first German mill to provide Cordura re/cor RN66;
  • Expansion of Corudra re/cor RN66 into footwear with Tiong Liong Corp. The starting collection includes two versions of Cordura re/cor RN66 rip-stop wovens in 4-way stretch and non-stretch;
  • Cordura re/cor Recycled Nylon 66 (RN66) platform launch, Material ConneXion, a material insights company, accepted the Cordura re/cor RN66 collection, featuring ten new Cordura re/cor RN66 fabrics onto its platform;
  • Cordura re/cor RN66 debuts from Mystery Ranch, available in 16 countries. The German market followed;
  • The debut of the Sapphire Finishing Mills Limited X Cordura capsule collection marked a five-plus-year working relationship exploring the versatility of Cordura Nyco Fabrics re-imagined;
  • Schöffel Pro introduced work pants with Cordura Naturalle Fabrics;
  • Cordura re/cor RN6 debuts in apparel with the Skidoo jacket, recreated using recycled Cordura re/cor RN6 as part of Napapijri’s premium collection;
  • Cordura x Sapphire Finishing Mills, Ltd. x Dovetail Workwear manufactures Ready Set Cargo Pant using Cordura Nyco fabric; this is the third Dovetail Workwear x Cordura launch; and
  • Cordura re/cor RN66 launches in Europe with a limited-edition tote bag from Bach Equipment in three styles, available in 2024.