Novata, an ESG data management platform and Climate Neutral, the 501(c)(3) nonprofit formed a partnership to provide private companies with an ESG solution that simplifies the process of collecting carbon data. Climate Neutral’s Brand Emissions Estimator (BEE) is now integrated into Novata’s platform so that customers to estimate their total carbon inventory. 

“Novata and Climate Neutral are mutually aligned in our goal to help empower companies to move from ESG measurement to action as quickly as possible and getting a handle on the drivers of your carbon footprint is a core step in that process,” said Josh Green, COO, Novata. “Together, we aim to meet our customers wherever they are on their ESG journey by giving them access to impactful tools, such as Climate Neutral’s BEE, that make carbon measurement more readily accessible and reduce the time and expertise required to track these key metrics.”

“Our goal is for Climate Neutral to bring action-focused tools to consumers and businesses at a large scale so that all of them can play a role in advancing solutions to climate change,” said Austin Whitman, CEO, Climate Neutral. “This is an exciting partnership for us, since Novata shares our commitment to impact and is working in a market that many firms overlook. Together we hope to bring carbon awareness to thousands of companies in the near future, setting them on course to manage emissions appropriately and accountably.”  

Designed as a self-service tool, the BEE enables companies to develop the first estimate of emissions, including supply chain impacts, to conduct deeper analysis.