Chaco, the outdoor shoe brand known for the Z sandal, is on the road again with its Fit for Adventure Tour. After two years of touring the country in a vintage school bus, Chaco returns, offering activities at select locations.

“Chaco Nation is at the center of everything we do,” said Lauren Poole, Senior Marketing Director at Chaco. “Fans of the brand have traveled long distances to visit our Fit for Adventure Tour, sharing the stories of their favorite adventures—hiking, camping, and adventuring in their Chaco sandals—so we’ve updated our experience this year to thank the Chaco Nation for their loyalty. We have some fun surprises planned, are excited to meet our fans and followers on the road and bring smiles to their faces.”

Along with the one-of-a-kind events, consumers either have their Z sandals repaired for free or design a custom pair of Z/1 Classic Sandals or Chillos Slides. Both repairs and custom sandals are made on-site inside the specially equipped vintage school bus. There will be exclusive webbings at select stops.

The Fit For Adventure Tour has kept thousands of sandals out of landfills and is an extension of the ReChaco Repair program, Chaco’s repair facility in Rockford, MN, with over “266,000 pairs of sandals repaired and returned to consumers.”

The 2023 Chaco Fit For Adventure Tour begins on May 12 in Grand Rapids, MI, and will stop in over ten cities across the country, including Denver and Nashville. 

See the 2023 list of tour stops here.

Photo courtesy Chaco