Ewool, a Canadian manufacturer specializing in heated clothing, reported it will enter the U.S. market in Fall 2023, featuring SnapConnect, a proprietary charging mechanism.

“No other line of heated wearables can match our performance,” said Founder and CEO Alain Desmeules. “ewool’s products combine high-performance technologies and premium fabrics, providing next-generation solutions for immediate warmth. SnapConnect provides the most convenient and efficient charging, the ability to warm individual fingers and toes, and with this, we are setting a new industry standard for this marketplace. Our technology benefits apparel brands looking for the best choice for keeping their loyalists warm and comfortable.”

With SnapConnect, the batteries found in the heated clothing do not need to be taken out to recharge; instead, customers insert the company’s “charging plug” into the magnetic contact where the charging occurs. A patented haptic feedback mechanism lets the wearer check the heat level by touching a concealed button. 

Ewool’s flagship products include the Pro+ Heated Vest, SnapConnect Heated Glove Liners and SnapConnect Heated Sock Covers.

Ewool also reported that it is moving its headquarters to downtown Montreal on September 8. The new location at 4238 St. Laurent Blvd. offers space for product engineering, research and design and will include a storefront for direct-to-consumer sales.

Photo courtesy Ewool