Brooks Running has agreed to become the exclusive global footwear partner and the presenting partner in the U.S., Germany and the Netherlands through 2028 for Parkrun, a weekly free community event.

The expanded partnership follows a three-year collaboration between Brooks and Parkrun in the UK and Ireland. In the future, Brooks will continue to be involved in community meetups as part of the Parkrun Happy Tour, which builds on the weekly 5K runs where runners get advice, test running shoes and engage with Brooks and the community.

In addition to the 40 planned Parkrun runs in the UK and Ireland, Brooks will attend Parkruns in the Netherlands and Germany, with plans for the U.S.

An average of “229,000 runners in 20 countries worldwide participate in Parkruns each week, which, in 2022, led to 1.3 million Parkrun participants and 8 million people registered globally.”

“Brooks believes in a world where everyone who wants to run feels welcome and has the place to do it,” said Jim Weber, CEO at Brooks Running. “Parkrun’s global presence and shared beliefs make this partnership a meaningful step forward in our efforts to engage people everywhere so all can access and experience the power of the run in their own communities.”