Bridgedale Develops “Merino Mag +” Sock Collection – World’s First Magnetically Pairing Sock

April 1, 2019 – Bridgedale, a global market leader in the manufacture of performance socks, has developed a solution to the age-old problem of losing socks in the wash. Using their patented “Polarity Fusion” technology they have perfected a process of twisting opposite and equal unique magnetic yarns into “pairs” of socks.
By changing the direction of the twist of the yarn during the yarn fusion process they have been able to change the polarity of copper impregnated yarn. 
A “Z” twist on the fibers gives the resultant yarn a positive polarity, and a “S” twist on the fibers gives the yarn a negative polarity.
Simply throw all your socks in the wash together (30 degree eco cycle) and during the drying process, the heat activates the magnetic yarns and the matching pairs are drawn together and finish the wash as a pairs of socks.
No longer will you ever lose a sock in the wash!
Mark Brennan, Bridgedale’s Managing Director commented – this is a very exciting “world first” technical breakthrough, which has taken us 8 years to perfect. We are planning significant investments in our Newtownards factory to enable us to take advantage of the worldwide demand for our new “Merino Mag +” Sock collection
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