Bowtech is proud to announce that due to his dominating performances, Bowtech Pro Shooter Tim Gillingham ran away with the Senior Pro National Championship once again for the 2nd year in a row.

After the official announcement was made public, Tim Gillingham shared: “Points races are about consistency.   I’ve never had a Bowtech bow let me down.  The Reckoning 38 and precision accuracy of Deadlock Technology are consistent shot after shot and give me the peace of mind that it will never let me down. I compete with it and I hunt with it because I trust it.

Regarding this weekend’s performance, Dave Parker, Bowtech Vice President of Marketing expressed, “Tim has turned in amazing performances all year with his Bowtech Reckoning 38 and we’re proud to see him claim the IBO Senior Pro title!”

The 2020 season continues for Tim in the ASA Pro Am series and he has set his sights on the championship and shooter of the year once again. We look forward to sharing Tim and Bowtech’s next victory.

To up your game, you can find the tack driving accuracy of DeadLock on featured on the Reckoning 38, Reckoning, Revolt, and Revolt X. The most accurate Target and hunting bows ever built. DeadLock. Tune It, Lock It, Trust It.

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