Bote, an innovator in water lifestyle products, re-imagined its Rackham Gatorshell featuring Apex Pedal Drive compatibility. 

Earning the Best in Boats and Watercraft category award at ICAST 2022, the platform’s redesign “represents a seamless transition from a stand-up paddleboard to a pedal-driven kayak.”

Known for its fishing machines, Bote’s Rackham Gatorshell boasts a wide, secure base and recessed deck, ensuring a lower center of gravity and includes Bote’s Gatorshell technology. Made with “advanced ballistics-grade composites, the company “guarantees a seamless construction that is highly resistant to abrasion.”

Heat-sealed multi-textured deck pads showcase an embossed texture, providing grip and comfort. The displacement hull features a pointed nose that enables the board to cut through the water efficiently and is suitable for extended paddling and fishing.

An array of features accommodates accessories, including the Bucket Rac, Tackle Rac and Sandspear, for more customization.

The Bote Aplex Pedal Drive, sold separately, is a hands-free, pedal-powered system featuring a 10:1 gear ratio for “smooth and efficient pedaling” with a “spacious” pedal foot platform and straps. The Apex Pedal Drive transitions between pedal-driven or stand-up paddling and kayaking with a clear view port-hole, no-touch forward/reverse functionality, and a spring-loaded kick-up rudder. The included Aero Paddle Seat is custom-built to convert the Rackham from a SUP to a sit-on-top kayak. 

Four G-clips adjust the height, catering to kayak and pedal-driven paddling preferences. Paddle lash-downs are included on each side of the seat for storage of a kayak and a stand-up paddle, and the Apex Pedal Drive rudder control system can be attached to either the right or left side of the seat for ambidextrous steering. 

The Rackham’s feature set includes front and back bungees, grab handles, gear straps, accessory mounting points, a Magnepod magnetic drink and accessory retention system, and a wide array of add-ons, including the new mini Rocket Rac stands out, offering three rod holders—two angled for trolling and one for storage.

The introduction of the re-imagined Rackham Gatorshell marks an addition to Bote’s lineup of Apex Pedal Drive-compatible watercraft, including the Rackham Aero 12’4″ and Lono Aero. 

Available in two sizes, the Rackham Gatorshell 12′ and Rackham Gatorshell 14′ and the  Apex Pedal Drive + Rudder System.

Photo courtesy Bote