Seattle-based manufacturer implements new steps to ensure affordable technical apparel.

Since 1996, Beyond Clothing has pioneered the most complete technical clothing system to support those heading into the harshest environments. Now, for the first time in the company’s history, Beyond Clothing will be offering their new Kyros clothing line exclusively through a direct to consumer sales model. The unrivaled knowledge and product testing that goes into their systems mean that their pieces are built to standards of uncompromising quality and integrity, and help ensure adventurers and explorers thrive in temperatures from -70oF to 106oF.

Beyond Clothing will be implementing a new direct to consumer sales model – by removing wholesale and middlemen dealers, the Kyros lines will be both accessible and incredibly affordable. Rick Elder, President of Beyond Clothing, shared: “Our overall goal is to provide the modern-day explorer with the knowledge, tools, and proper clothing to explore the wild and wonderful corners of the world. This direct-to-consumer strategy will allow us to focus on providing our valuable knowledge and proper expeditionary clothing at the most competitive price on the market.”

As the largest technical clothing manufacturer in the United States, Beyond Clothing has been renowned for their line of apparel cut and sewn in Seattle from the most advanced USA-made fabrics available. The new Kyros collection is the company’s first-ever imported product, designed with the same knowledge and experience gained through the company’s long history of outfitting professional expeditionary teams. These new imported products not only meet the standards and requirements that Beyond is known for, but they also utilize technically advanced fabrics and styles that can work in the most remote mountains just as well as a city street anywhere on the planet.

Beyond Clothing will now be able to directly control the quality of experience that every customer receives as they browse and purchase the Kyros line. Beyond believes that everyone deserves to get outdoors without having the price of their gear be a barrier to access. With this in mind, Beyond Clothing encourages everyone to find the spirit of adventure within themselves and go farther.

Check out the video statement from Rick Elder, Beyond Clothing President, here.

About Beyond Clothing: Created out of the need for survival clothing systems engineered specifically with the mission in mind, Beyond Clothing fuses technology, field experience and training into their products creating a capability that adapts to all environments. Founded in 1996, Beyond Clothing is based in Seattle, WA and offers enthusiasts unparalleled freedom to adapt their clothing system to dynamic environmental conditions and mission sets. | | @GearforTheEdge

Media Contact: Matt Glass, Hayter Communications.