Salt Lake City, UT, August 17, 2020 – Wintersteiger, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of our newest resource guides of “Best Practices” in Retail and Rental operations during the time of COVID and social distancing.

Due to the inception of the Novel Corona Virus, many resorts and specialty dealers had to shut their doors during the spring portion of their business. During this time, Wintersteiger has worked with many of these dealers, resorts and governing bodies to help come up with solutions to safely reopen and get back to business under these new norms. Over the course of these discussions, Wintersteiger has used its resources as the top supplier of Rental Software, Storage Racks and Specialized Custom Fitting Tools for retail to put together a “Best Practices” guide with social distancing.

The “Best Practices for RETAIL during COVID” comes from Wintersteiger’s retail brands BootDoc and Hotronic. It discusses how to evolve your retail business to be more customer-centric while keeping staff, customers and you safe and healthy. BootDoc specializes in foot analysis and customizing athletic footwear and ski boots for sports. They feature a number of unique tools from a 3D foot scanner for sizing and analysis that is completely contact less, to the NEW Autofit station for customizing footbeds with limited or no contact.

Download BootDoc Best Practices for Retail Flyer (Dropbox link to PDF)

The “Best Practices for RENTAL during COVID” is straight from Wintersteiger, as the top supplier of Rental Software, Storage Racks and Disinfection and Drying Systems for rentals worldwide. The new world of rental will shift to be more customer-centric and technology based than ever before. Drawing from the realm of boutique rental/demo, the process will need to be scaled accordingly, but the focus shifts to using technology for the best customer experience while minimizing the number of staff who interact with each customer/family/group. Wintersteiger has also included information about rental shop layouts and creating new traffic flows using special signage, as well as their staff as a resource for laying out complete shops.

Download WINTERSTEIGER Best Practices for Rental Flyer (Dropbox link to PDF)

“It was our main objective to put together some resources, based on our years of experience, that would assist our dealers and rental shops to open up safely and have the tools to maintain their business during these times.” said Fritz Hoeckner President on Wintersteiger, Inc. “Through our many conversations with specialty shops and resorts, we recognized there were a lot of questions about how to reopen, and we felt we could be of assistance to any and all specialty retail and sports rental companies out there.”

If either of the flyers are not able to be downloaded, please contact Ryan Eittreim to send you the links.

For any of the product listed in the flyers, and access to our store layout experts, shops can go to or reach out to Customer Service for all three Brands, Wintersteiger, BootDoc and Hotronic, at or call 801-355-6550.