The Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company unveiled a limited edition Player’s Black Combo set comprised of the PTx PRO Black irons (#4 iron through #7 iron) combined with ICON Black irons (#8 iron – Pitching Wedge).  As an extra bonus, buyers will have the opportunity to purchase an 18-degree VKTR+ hybrid, traditionally a club that would replace a #3 iron, for a special price.

The Player’s Combo Sets use two different iron models and combine ICON blade short irons and its Award-Winning PTx PRO mid- and longer irons.

“Quite candidly, we were blown away by the demand for the Player’s Combo Set. We knew it was a great concept but never expected it to become a cornerstone of our product line. Throughout the latter half of 2021, we just couldn’t keep up with demand,” said Scott White, President and CEO, Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company. “On top of that, we’ve had ongoing requests for the set to be made available in black finishes.  The Player’s Black Combo Set is the response to those golfer demands.”

Added  White, “Black golf clubs have been popular for a number of years now, and we don’t see that trend changing anytime soon. Our proprietary Diamond Black Metal finish has proven to be preferred by many discerning golfers. We offer it as an alternative on many of our irons and wedges because it is more durable than nickel chrome and doesn’t flake or crack like black paint which most other manufacturers use.”

The Player’s Black Combo set will begin with the PTx PRO Black #4 at 22 degrees. The set(s) will maintain consistent 4-degree loft gapping throughout the set; #5 iron, 26 degrees; #6 iron, 30 degrees; #7 iron, 34 degrees; #8 iron, 38 degrees; #9 iron, 42 degrees; and the Pitching Wedge, 46 degrees.

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