Awayco is redefining the relationship between Consumer, Brand and Retailer with the advent of a global booking platform for the short term rental/demo of high-end equipment for sport. Awayco makes Rental feel like Retail.

Awayco has added regional sales agents to bring the brand to market. The Awayco focus for autumn is to partner with ski and snowboard shops, to have the platform available within “Arms Reach of Desire” from key winter destinations and your backyard.

Awayco is pleased to announce the addition of 7 new sales agencies to the effort: 

  • Myles Ricketts, British Columbia and Alberta
  • Trevor Gregson,  Pacific Northwest
  • Mike Rosen (Livin the Dream Sales), Northern California and Northern Nevada
  • Jeff Darby, Southern California / Southern Nevada and Arizona
  • Clem Smith (Storm Day Sales), Colorado and New Mexico
  • Ryan Moore, Utah, Wyoming, Montana
  • Dana Greenwood (Read & Run), New England

Clem Smith (Awayco Rockies): “Seeing the brand awareness Awayco has rapidly made in the surf world, we felt it was a no-brainer to get involved with on the ski and bike side for Colorado. The high-performance demo market continues to grow every year and we are excited to offer a robust platform to help our specialty retailers capture new customers and optimize their entire demo assortment. From commercial unit drivers to hard to find niche models, Awayco’s platform will stoke out both the consumer and retail partner on a great experience.”

Trevor Gregson (Awayco Pacific Northwest): “What drew me to Awayco was to be a part of an incredible group of industry veterans that have the vision to evolve the marketplace by creating more opportunities to experience the outdoors and improving those experiences through direct interaction with brick and mortar stores facilitated by the web” 

Dana Greenwood (Awayco New England): “Awayco is a cutting edge solution necessary for the industry I’ve dedicated my life to.  Offering high-end participants a simple technology-driven platform to ‘try it now’ vs. traditional rental”

Awayco is excited to partner with industry-leading regional sales talent to bring the platform to the global Surf, Ski, Snowboard and Bike Market.