The Ashworth Golf Apparel Brand, founded in 1987, plans to re-launch its U.S. business in 2023 with a line of golf polos, bottoms, outwear, and accessories led by Eddie Fadel.

Fadel, a 30-year veteran of the golf apparel industry, worked for Ashworth in the 90s and early 2000s. He returns to the company as president, working with Kate Cunningham, SVP, sales and business development. 

“Ask any passionate golfer 45-plus what the Ashworth brand means, and most will say it was their favorite golf polo,” said Fadel. “Golfers revered Ashworth and remember when Fred Couples wore our brand to win the Masters in 1992. Now, we’re bringing this brand back in a big way for both our loyal customers and a new generation of players, so they too can wear the Golfman logo like a badge of honor.”

The Newtimes Group is supporting the brand with resources and supply chain operations. Ashworth will officially release its 2023 product line in January at the PGA Show in Orlando, FL.

 The Spring and Fall 2023 lines feature an updated version of Ashworth’s original cotton polos, combining technical fabrics with natural fibers and the right amount of stretch for golf swing comfort.

Added Cunningham, “I’ve been on the road visiting with some of the most respected and influential Green Grass Shops across the country, and there is still such strong sentiment and nostalgia for the Ashworth brand. It’s refreshing to see the groundswell of excitement for the iconic Golfman logo to be back on shelves.”  

Added Fadel, “At Ashworth, it’s always been more than a game and more than a brand. It’s a lifestyle, a conversation, a culture, a tribe. The golf industry loves a comeback story, and I’m excited to say we’re back and better than ever.”