Portland, OR, June 30, 2020Aprch, a wellness beverage company inspired by adventure, integrity, health and the environment, introduces their newest brand ambassador, board shaper Travis Yamada.

“We are excited to add Travis to our ambassador family and showcase his passion for creating one-of-a-kind boards in our latest Human Element video series,” said Brett Wiley, Chief Marketing Officer at Aprch. “You can feel the love and dedication Travis pours into his designs, and it is that level of commitment that made him ideal for joining the Aprch family. He embodies our mission of doing what it takes to live well.”

Yamada grew up skateboarding in Northern California and went on to spend his winters touring the world as a pro snowboarder. In the early 1990s, Yamada moved to Bend, Ore. During his summers at home, Yamada worked construction jobs by day and discovered it was possible to surf the nearby irrigation canals. That’s where magic and innovation combined, blending his love of skate, snow and surf culture. In 2015, his lifelong passion for getting outside coupled with an entrepreneurial spirit led Yamada to launch his board design company, Cubicle. Yamada now spends his days creating unique small conventional river wave surfboards built to explore life outside of an office cubicle.

“Every day I wake up inspired by a passion to design,” noted Yamada. “Without a desire to learn and grow, there’s really no point in even getting out of bed. The team at Aprch lives by this shared idea, and I’m proud to partner with a company founded on wellness and adventure.”