Adidas Terrex and The Renewal Workshop have partnered to create the Nothing Left Behind concept collection. As part of Adidas’ larger ‘keep it in play’ sustainability initiative, the brand explores ways to breathe new life into all of its products so nothing gets left in a landfill. 

TRW’s Renewal System takes discarded apparel and textiles and renews them into products, upcycled materials and recycling feedstock. This collaboration highlights Adidas’ commitment to creating solutions that extend the life cycle of its products while minimizing waste.

“‘We continually challenge ourselves to develop pieces that can extend the lifespan of Terrex products nearing the end of their lifecycle; this was our guiding inspiration to arrive at this exploratory collection with Adidas designers and The Renewal Workshop,” said Michael Kadous, head of North America, Adidas Terrex and Five Ten. “The result is a reimagined collection sourced from athletes and employees engineered into unique outdoor pieces that we can send back to athletes to tell stories about all new adventures born from their repurposed pieces.”

In support of the partnership and the Nothing Left Behind capsule, watch the Adidas Terrex-branded film here.

Video courtesy Adidas Terrex